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Palacio de Riezu
Plaza de La Fuente 1
31176 Riezu / Errezu
600 40 56 60
948 54 23 12

The roads to Riezu

Riezu is one of 19 villages in the vast Yerri (or in the Basque tongue: 'Deierri') valley, situated between Pamplona and Estella. Most of these towns, you will not find on your average Michelin map.
The best way to find us, is via the old Pamplona-Estella road (NA-700, or sometimes NA7000), inbetween three villages which are mostly represented on maps: Muez, Iturgoyen and Abárzuza. We are situated on 15 kilometres of Estella and 30 kilometres of Pamplona.

If you are searching on Google Maps, it is best to type in 'Riezu' (our village), and then the address Calle Del Molino (so not our correct address: Plaza De La Fuente). Still: do not follow the route Google Maps offers you: although it's a very beautiful road, it is very time-consuming.

Would you like to make use of your GPS? Please observe that most systems don't recognize our address and subsequently refer you to another village. As address, it is best to use Calle Del Molino or Calle San Roque. Coördinates;
42,76222 -1,95091
en N42°45'42", W1°57'01

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