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On the calendar shown below, you can check the availability for this month, as well as the following months.

Red: reserved.

Pink: still rooms available.

Unmarked: completely vacant, or to be confirmed.

Palacio de Riezu
Plaza de La Fuente 1
31176 Riezu / Errezu
600 40 56 60
948 54 23 12


Room with private bathroom *75€ - **69€
Room with private bathroom (on the alley) *75€ - **69€
Room with shared bathroom *65€ - **59€

* Prices for one night

** Prices for two nights in a row

Please ask us for more information and prices for longer stays.

Casa entera: For groups we offer the four spacious rooms at

Weekend T.B: 395€ - T.A: 475€ -
Full week T.B: 1.190€ - T.A: 1.390€ -

Ask us to make you an estimate.

Extra bed 19€
Extra Children's bed (-12 year) 12€
Cradle 8€
Breakfast with Bio-Buffet 7,80€/pp
Breakfast for children (-8 jaar) 3,50€

Want to bring your pets? Please ask for more information

There are also many attractions, guided visits, activities and culinary experiences on which we can give you more info.