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Palacio de Riezu
Plaza de La Fuente 1
31176 Riezu / Errezu
600 40 56 60
948 54 23 12

History of the building

Palacio de Riezu is an authentic 16th century building, certified and protected by 'The Institute of Príncipe de Viana', situated in the green heart of Navarra.
As far back as five hundred years ago, the nobility and descendants of the Navarran kings knew and appreciated this region for its temperate climate, vast strips of foliage and its abundance of large and small game.
That's why every now and then, in villages like Riezu, you may stumble upon a 'Palacio'. These are stately, often imposing Lord Houses, which can easily be recognized by the 'escudo', the family crest in bas-relief at the centre of the front gable.

After an intensive and thrilling quest throughout the Navarran countryside, we eventually discovered this highly remarkable mansion. Built in 1589, the house was severely neglected by the end of the 20th century. Immediately, we jumped at the chance of bringing new life to it, and ventured upon the gravely needed restoration. Without meddling with the soul of the house, the sanitary fittings, heating, electricity and so on were installed and renovated.

At the moment, four visitors' quarters are available, and the house is officially certified and registered as a 'Casa Rural de Dos Hojas', the second highest category of rural inns.

But still, the house has not yet divulged all of its secrets...